~ Moulshri Mohan The American Studies Association’s boycott of Israeli government-funded academic institutions has provoked much righteous indignation among major news outlets in the U.S. “A repugnant attack on academic freedom” cries the Huffington Post. “Academic Freedom Against Itself” – a ponderous NYT opinion. “92 Universities reject the boycott” proclaims the Jerusalem Post proudly (wow, […]

~Jillian Mayer INCOMINGSTUDENTIAMSOEXCITEDTOMEETYOU!! There are so many things I can’t wait to do and be and create with you! I’d like to tell you a bit about my Dartmouth experience so that we might have a richer conversation than the usual a/s/l-type introduction in the fall. Perhaps I’ll describe myself. I’m a member of the […]

~ by Eli Lichtenstein   Elliot Morales murdered Mark Carson last Friday night in New York City’s West Village. Encountering Carson and his partner on Sixth Avenue, Morales spit a string of antigay slurs before shooting Carson, a gay man of color, in the head.   The violence which saturates our society and ourselves is […]

~ anna winham We Interrupted a Variety Show and are Receiving Death Threats or It’s OK to Oppress Queers and Women and Non-White People but it’s not OK to Object to that Publicly or If You Don’t Love Dartmouth, Why Haven’t You Transferred CONTENTS I. “This isn’t dialogue!” II. “You’re ruining my life; I’ve been […]

~ Nathan Gusdorf Let’s consider some of the arguments surrounding the recent sexual assault protests. The fundmental positions largely track with the following categories: those who support the protesters’ message and disagree with the means, and those who disagree with both their methods and their substantive claims. Few seem to support them completely. Now that […]

As of April 1st 2013, every member of the Dartmouth Greek community has sent in an official request to de-pledge their fraternity or sorority, the first step in the de-pledging process. Dartmouth College, which used to boast some of the highest rates of Greek affiliation in the country, with 70% of eligible students being members of Greek houses, now […]


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