History or How We got Here

The Dartmouth Radical campus organization and corresponding publication…[was founded by multiple dartmouth undergraduate students and advised by Jeff Sharlet] We wanted to provide a leftist counterweight to the Review, because back then there was no leftist press voice. The D was…the D, and the Review was/is fascist. In the past, there was a progressive paper called The Dartmouth Free Press–but it went defunct. 

So that’s the case we brought to COSO: that we needed a leftist voice. We started on a bimonthly basis (I think). We debated for a long time about what to call ourselves (“The Dartmouth Radical”? The Dartmouth Free Press? Something apolitical sounding like The Dartmouth Monthly/Star/Standard?) We decided on the Radical because we wanted to be unapologetic/upfront.

We had news, opinions, poetry, photography/art, and satire.

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