Revolution in Economics Department

Dartmouth College’s Economics Department just officially approved new major curriculum including a Communist Economics requirement for the major. This addition to the curriculum comes as a surprise to many students, who thought that their Economics majors would prepare them for careers in finance.

In the words of Joel Whitley ’14, “if we have to learn about Communism, I don’t know if I’ll be able to work for Goldman.”

With dismay, Brian Jensen ’13 exclaimed, “Economics isn’t communist – Economics is about supply and demand. There’s no demand, especially not at Dartmouth.”

Lily Brown ’15, on the other hand, cites confusion but states that “it’s probably good, unless it’s some kind of neo-liberal Communism. I feel like Dartmouth would come up with that.”

A campaign has been gaining traction among the disgruntled student body. A Facebook page titled “Capitalism is Democracy” already has 500 likes, though it seems unlikely that any greater resistance will arise. 


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