Pro-Romney Workers Strike for Lower Wages

Employees of the Hanover Hotel and Casino were picketing this week in front of the hotel demanding lower wages and the elimination of their benefits, such as healthcare and pensions. The picketers were members of HERE, the hotel workers union. They urged hotel patrons to take their business elsewhere, carrying signs that said: “For all the money they pay me you could have 1,000 pillow mints!” and “Every sick day I take is one more day that I don’t wash the comforter!”

The picketers were also chanting, “We are the 53%,” presumably alluding to Romney’s remark earlier this year that, “there are 47% who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to carre for them, who believe that they are entitled to healthcare, to food, to housing, to you-name-it…”

“We are not in this 47% Mitt Romney is talking about,” said Bill Fields, a concierge at the hotel. “We do not feel entitled to healthcare and housing. In fact, just the opposite. Our union jobs provide us with those things and we would actually like to give them back.”

I talked to James Bryant, another worker, who was troubled by his fairly comfortable standard of living. “Our piece of the pie is just too large. Why should I have things like healthcare while my boss can barely afford her Botox every month? Why should I have my own home with a backyard while my boss has to share her cabin in Aspen with 9 other families?”

“We can’t forget the principles our country was founded on, liberty and freedom,” said picketer Jenna McIntire. “America was founded by small business owners. It was founded with the ideal that small business owners would have the freedom to expand their businesses without government interference. And Mitt Romney just gets that.”

“People think Romney is out of touch with regular working Americans, but it’s actually Obama who’s out of touch. Did you know that a study came out saying that employee satisfaction is far less correlated to wages than it is to respect, appreciation, and motivation on the job?(1) I’ll take appreciation over health insurance any day. Obama just doesn’t get it.”

As of today the workers are still striking until the union agrees to take back the 2% pay raises the employees received as well as their benefits. Since they are currently not receiving any salary or benefits that they don’t feel they deserve, they plan to keep striking indefinitely.

(1) Actual Joe Asch reference

~by Lily Brown


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